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Affiliate Program

Exotic interiors studio offers businesses and individuals a remarkable opportunity to join affiliate program; providing them a chance to earn substantial second income. You can now partner with Exotic Interiors Studio as an affiliate, a renowned and established organization in the interior design & fit out construction industry. Benefit from the regional network you may have earned over the years, making it easier to attract potential customers and generate conversions.

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    *Terms & Conditions
    Affiliates may earn a commission based on successful referrals or sales generated through their unique affiliate code or QR codes. Commission rates will be specified in the affiliate agreement.
    Affiliates must adhere to the guidelines provided by Exotic Interiors Studio. This includes using approved marketing materials, accurate representation of the brand, and compliance with copyright and trademark laws.
    Exotic Interiors Studio reserves the right to terminate the affiliate agreement at any time in case of any violations for the terms and conditions, unethical practices, or any other reason deemed necessary.
    Affiliates are required to maintain the confidentiality of any proprietary or confidential information shared by Exotic Interiors Studio.
    Affiliates are granted limited, non-exclusive rights to use Exotic Interiors Studio’s intellectual property solely for the purpose of promoting the affiliate program. Any unauthorized use of intellectual property is strictly prohibited.
    Exotic Interiors Studio may modify the terms and conditions of the affiliate program at its own sole discretion, however affiliates will be notified for any such changes at least one week in advance.  of any changes in advance

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