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Exotic Interiors Studio




JLT Dubai

Tandoori Bistro

Tandoori Bistro is a stunning restaurant located in the heart of JLT, Dubai. Our team designed and built this space to create an authentic, warm, and inviting atmosphere for diners.

The restaurant features a prominent entrance with an enticing open bar and custom signage that welcomes guests to the warm and cozy interior. The interior is designed to complement the Indian cuisine served, with a mix of vibrant colors, textures, and patterns that evoke a sense of traditional elegance.

Our team worked closely with the restaurant’s owner to ensure that the design not only reflected their brand and vision for the space but also catered to their intended clientele. The space features comfortable seating, ambient lighting, and carefully selected decor that enhances the dining experience and creates a lasting impression on diners.

As with all of our hospitality projects, we oversee every aspect of the design and fit-out process, from planning to execution. Our cafe interior design experts works tirelessly to ensure that every detail, from the flooring to the furniture, is executed to perfection.

At Exotic Interiors Studio, we take pride in creating unique, high-quality designs that exceed our clients’ expectations. We are committed to providing a full turnkey solution, allowing our clients to focus on their business while we take care of the rest.

Browse our portfolio to see the quality of our work, and if you’re interested in transforming your restaurant or hospitality space, contact us via our Concierge page. Our team would be happy to discuss your project and provide a custom solution that meets your needs.

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