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WE build revolutionizing spaces through a unique combination of engineering , construction & designing

Exotic Interiors Studio

About Us

At our luxury interior design company, we specialize in crafting exceptional, intricate, and sophisticated designs for spaces, places, and experiences. We hold a strong conviction that providing individuals the chance to design what they cherish leads to remarkable outcomes. Our clientele encompasses homeowners who seek to transform their living quarters into a luxurious haven and business owners who aim to make their establishment more memorable. Our objective is to craft design experiences that are remarkable, engaging, and of unparalleled quality, bringing our clients’ vision to life through design in spaces and places. We believe in creating an experience that will leave a lasting impression on people long after they have left the space 

Our mission is simple and one purpose to develop design experiences that are distinctive, compelling & of highest quality that bring our client's dream to life in places and spaces 

We Envision to be a world-Class team that continually pursues growth & practice excellence from initial concept to execution - expanding our reach to the retail, residential, hospitality & commercial markets in the region.

We foster a culture of excellence , encourage teamwork and healthy competition. We value integrity & fairness in our work. Ou Associates are expected to display high ethical standards in all facets of life, both in their professional and personal endeavors.

Our Services

Interior Designing

As a preeminent interior design Studio, we offer a diverse suite of design services for various architectural projects, including residential, commercial, institutional, Retail & Kiosk designing. Our adept professionals generate innovative designs that cater to projects of varying magnitudes, including small- to medium-sized hotels, corporate offices, and soaring skyscrapers

Fit-Out Services

We offer expertise in fit-out services, our interior design firm recognizes the importance of this aspect in creating a functional and visually appealing interior. Our fit-out services encompass all aspects of construction and finishing works necessary to make a space habitable, including partitions, flooring, ceiling, electrical and plumbing installations.

Project Management

Exotic Interiors is home to experienced project management specialists for all interior design and architectural projects. As project management is crucial in interior design, our firm's provision of these services sets us apart, giving clients a sense of security and a smooth, stress-free journey from start to finish,


"The importance of joinery services in interior design cannot be overstated as they offer customized solutions for cabinetry, furniture, and other integrated elements. Boasting an on-site factory and a wealth of experience, we are capable of executing any design vision."

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What Our Clients Say About Exotic Interiors Studio?

"They Have been very helpful all the journey. The interior, the whole decor goes very well with the actual cuisine we are offering here at Pepe's  Chicken"

Mohammad Sohaib

Owner -Pepe's Chicken

" We have a saying in Arabic - 'GIVE BREAD TO THE BAKER' - as we are the specialist in coffee, Exotic Interiors Studi are specialist in decorating and building amazing restaurants"

Moadh Abdullah

Owner Coffee 'o' Clock

"I THINK DUBAI BUFFALO BOSS DESIGN IS BETTER THAN BROOKLYN ONE. I wish we had Exotic in New York. Exotic Interiors Studio brought a little bit of New York in Dubai through their Design."

Jammar White

Owner- Buffalo Boss

Hiring Exotic interiors to design my villa was my best decision. I adore how they completely transformed the atmosphere of my home and made it more lively, exactly as I desired.

Shoreline Villa

Palm Jumeirah

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