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Al Rawsam Jewelry Retail, Shop

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EI Studio




Dubai, UAE

Al Rawsam Jewelry

The Al Rawsam Jewerly’s retail interiors in Dubai was designed to efficiently yet beautifully maximize the space and display the shop’s luxury jewelry items.

In designing this store, our team was faced with the challenge of creating a grand retail space while maximizing the space and making it feel inviting. The store had to stand out without overshadowing the items for sale. When customers enter, they have to feel welcomed and excited to browse the shop for their next jewelry piece.

Area was limited so space planning was the most critical part of the job, without sacrificing aesthetics. Both vertical and horizontal space were maximized for shelving and display units. Jewelry items are beautifully and thoughtfully displayed and served as the focal point of the design without distraction. As soon as customers enter, they become surrounded by fine jewelry and the warm tones of chocolate brown shelving. The entire shop exudes a warmth that is the result of a color palette that complements the items on display and the entire branding of the store.

Drawing on our experience in retail interiors in Dubai, the Exotic Interiors Studio team of designers brought in touches of glamour, using colors that established the palette for the entire store. Everything in the store was designed and built for a purpose, in a way that wasted no space and helped the store flow wonderfully.

 As a leading fit-outs company in Dubai, we’ve designed and built a variety of retail kiosks and shops across the United Arab Emirates and the wider Middle Eastern region. From jewelry shops to clothing stores, our expert designers and craftsmen are able to translate our clients’ vision to tangible design solutions.

We oversee the life cycle of projects and coordinate all aspects from planning to execution. We are one of the few interior fit-out company in Dubai that offer a full turnkey solution for retail fit-outs.

We help clients grow, sustain, and transform; whatever it takes to embrace their future. From the first day on the site to handover, we practice excellence every step of the way.

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