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Pepe’s Piri PiriResturant , Hospitality

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Motor City

Pepe's Piri Piri

Restaurant Interior in Pepes Piri Piri Dubai is designed to give ambience of a healthy dining that should be fun while eating healthy and juicy grilled chicken from their kitchen. Pepes is a UK based brand that we need to introduce here in UAE, what would make people walk in to Pepes instead of KFC right next door? It is the experience we are creating in the space. People here are mostly drawn to something that is creative, unique and most importantly “Instagrammable”.

Since this is a UK brand, we wanted to design a space that is familiar to all the people who visited it in UK, at the same time it should be functional and family friendly to attract the small kids and engage them with the brand. Our aim was to design an attractive Restaurant interior that stimulates peoples’ curiosity to try the food. We achieved this by using colours and graphics along with expressive elements that attracts people’s attention.

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 The colour palette is mostly inspired by the piri piri sauces, chilis and spices used to marinate the chicken. In our case, the colour red represents the chilis, yellow represent the sauces and the spices represent the mix of these two colours together creating an attractive atmosphere. The colour palette is also inspired by Pepe’s brand colours and identity. These two colours stimulate the appetite and make people feel hungrier, hence eat more and visit the restaurant more.

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