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Food Truck Kitchen Layout That Works


Designing a food truck’s kitchen can be a challenging feat given the limited space. However, like in any kitchen, the work triangle remains an important element in kitchen design and functionality. This becomes an important starting point for a cafe or restaurant interior designer when creating a concept for a food or beverage truck..


What is the Work Triangle?

effective food truck kitchen layouts

The kitchen Work Triangle takes into consideration the three areas in a kitchen that is the most essential in the work process: the sink, the stove, and the refrigerator. To visualize the Work Triangle, a line is drawn from the center of the kitchen sink to the center of the stove top, continuing to the center of the refrigerator and traces back to the sink.

What are the guidelines for an effective Work Triangle?

effective food truck kitchen layouts

As with any “formula” in space planning, the objective is efficiency. All major work stations must be near the cook without cramping up the space. Consider the following guidelines:

  • The sum of the Work Triangle’s sides must not be more than 26 feet or roughly 8 meters, while each side should be within 1.2 meters and 2.8 meters each.
  • The sink should be placed in between the preparation area, the stove, or the refrigerator.
  • The triangle must not be intercepted by major traffic patterns such as entrances and exits.

What other factors must be considered for a food truck kitchen?


While the above guidelines are for ideal food truck conditions, it is important to note that these guidelines assume that there is only one person cooking. There can be more than three work spaces depending on the food items sold, and a work triangle isn’t always applicable nor practical. Consider the size and the preparation of your food and beverage whilst using the standard work triangle only as a point of reference.

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